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Developing partnerships
with companies in Moldova

N° 144544/tempus/2008/fr/jphes

Project's Objectives

The project aims at developing co-operations between universities and companies in Moldova. Moldavian partners are being helped in this initiative by European partners and experts of different countries (AT, BE, FR, IT, RO, SY, UA). Six Moldavian universities are involved. They provide studies in the technical, technological, and business fields covering all sectors represented in the project by professional associations or companies.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

1- improve the quality and relevance of higher education according to the labour market’s needs in the following fields: mechanics, energy, information technology (IT), telecommunications, radio electronics, food industry, textile industry, civil engineering, veterinary medicine, agriculture, chemistry, architecture-urbanism, economics, business, marketing…
2- improve the graduates’ employment possibilities, especially at the Bachelor and Master level
3- reinforce the role of the university and of its research departments in the process of transferring knowledge to companies
4- train students to the enterprising spirit and encourage the setting-up of start-ups.

Results' Dissemination

The dissemination includes :
- In Moldova, the University Senates - for information, advice and decision taking every semester -; the Rectors’ council; the Ministries involved; dissemination public meetings during and at the end of the project with restitutions and testimonies of the project’s activities by the teachers, students and companies; university journals and periodicals.
- At regional level, the member universities of the academic association of the Black Sea countries.
- At the international level, every interested person thanks to this website.


In France
International Office

In Moldova
Petru Todos
Jorj Ciumac